Croatia and Bosnia 1991-1997

1. UTVA-75
Formerly registered YU-DHF (shared JRV serial 53191), this UTVA-75 is shown as it appeared while being operated by Croatian Army (HV)/Croatian Air Force (HRZ). Hastily camouflaged in the field, this aircraft has a different pattern on both fuselage sides. Undersurfaces for this machine remained in the pre-war Gloss White scheme normally applied to these training machines. Before the outbreak of war, YU-DHF belonged to Slavonski Brod Aeroclub, and it is likely that this machine saw most of its action on the Eastern front. The unofficial HV sticker is only present on the starboard fuselage. Other colouring details are as follows: Propeller blades rear surface is Black, front is Aluminium Grey with White/Black/White tips; cockpit interior is Dark Grey; nosewheel leg and wheel discs are Aluminium, unless noted otherwise; cockpit instrument coaming is Dark Green (FS 34108).

2. Antonov An-2 'Colt'
YU-BKA served with SZV Osijek during the early fighting of 1991. After the first phase of hostilities it received this colourful 'Tiger' style camouflage scheme in Black, Orange/Yellow and Medium/Light Grey. The undersurfaces retained their original civilian White finish. The scheme shown included White outlined Red fuselage crosses, and Red crosses on the upper and lower wings, worn whilst serving as a paratroop trainer in Vrsar, Istria in 1993. A Croatian shield is worn on the fuselage, with a Croatian flag on the fin. The badge of SZV Osijek featuring the Black Marten of Slavonia, is visible under the port cockpit.

3. Cessna 188 Ag-Truck
Fitted with bomb racks and a Soviet bomb sight, this Ag-Truck, formerly YU-BLE served during 1991 with the Cakovec Light Combat Aircraft Squadron. Camouflage is in Black, Dark Green, Olive Drab and Ligh Grey/Green. Undersurfaces are Light Grey. Note the peeling Croatian flag sticker, a common feature.

4. Soko J-20 Kraguj
Captured at Udbina Airfield from Krajina Serb forces during Operation Oluja in August 1995, this Kraguj light ground attack aircraft has been impressed into HRZ service. It sports a locally applied camouflage scheme of Olive Drab and Light Brown over Light Blue/Grey undersurfaces. Serial number is Black. The new Croatian roundel is applied on the fuselage sides, upper port and lower starboard wing. The Croatian shield is used on the fin.

The illustrations above are all taken from our Air Force Special No. 2 - Air Forces of Former Yugoslavia 1991-1997 Part 1: Croatia and Bosnia. This 48 page A5 publication with full colour cover also includes an A5 decal sheet in 1/72 scale.

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